12 Августа, 2018

Baiqonyr Short Film Festival-2018: the festival will open the film “The end of the season”

The world premiere of the drama “The end of the season” took place at the 71st Cannes film festival. 

10 short film festivals

Every year, a large number of film festivals of various sizes and directions are held in the world. 

The start of call for applications in Baiqonyr Short Film Festival

Baiqonyr Short Film Festival will be held in Almaty and Astana

29 f, 2018

Baiqonyr Short Film Fest winner Baimurat Zhumanov shoots a new film

Director and actor has started shooting a new short film “Drawings on Wallpaper”. 

Broadway movie portal awarded with the Internet Prize

Broadway movie portal won the Mass Media nomination and the annual Baiqonyr Republican Short Film Festival organized by the portal won the Culture and Art nomination.


20 f, 2017

Video report from the II Baiqonyr Republican Short Film Festival

This year, 35 films took part in the competition programme of the festival, and 3 films took part in the non-competition programme.