All about «Baiqonyr»

All about «Baiqonyr»

About the festival

BAIQONYR International Short Film Festival – a unique cultural event, which has no analogues in Kazakhstan. Baiqonyr SFF is an acquaintance with the works of young cinematographers of our country, it is intended to become a launching pad for the creative “take-off” of festival participants and the opening of new names in Kazakhstani cinema. The objective of the Festival is to popularize young, short films among Kazakhstani people.

These Rules determine the goals, objectives and procedure for organizing and conducting the International Short Film Festival “BAIQONYR International Short Film Festival” (hereinafter - the Festival), its organizational and methodological support, the procedure for participation and determining the winners.

The main idea and mission of the Festival is the creation of an international film festival of Turkic-speaking peoples, improving the professional level of future filmmakers of Kazakhstan.

The Festival Initiators: "Общественный фонд «Фонд развития Казахстанского искусства и кинематографа".

The General management of the preparation and holding of the Festival is carried out by the Organizing Committee, which includes representatives of the above organizations and invited experts.

Film festival mission

Search for talented and able-bodied people to provide them with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

The development of international cinema among young professionals in Kazakhstan and the Turkic-speaking peoples.

Creation of the Kazakhstan platform and professional development of future filmmakers of Kazakhstan.

Terms of participation in the film festival

Participants of the Festival are determined on the basis of the Competitive selection of short live-action, animated and documentary films.

Citizens of Kazakhstan and other Turkic-speaking peoples have the right to take part in the Contest, having submitted all documents in accordance with the terms of the Contest.

Registration of the Contest participants is carried out on the Festival Website. Each contest work is accompanied by a completed application. The application is a document necessary for inclusion of works in the contestants’ list.

Only one film wins in each category. Each participant can become a winner in no more than two categories.

The contest work must be a feature, animation, or documentary short film of up to 30 minutes in length.

The Organizing Committee has the right not to include any material in the contest program without explanation.

The Festival initiators reserve the right to use for non-commercial purposes the work submitted to the Contest, before the official announcement of the winners (indicating authorship, without paying royalties). Materials sent to the Contest are not returned or reviewed. In case of showing and posting on the Internet and in the media submitted by the participants of the contest works, the Festival Initiators are not responsible for claims or complaints from the persons and (or) organizations involved in these works.

Participation in the Contest is free of charge.

Participation in the Contest means the consent of the author (author's team) to continue using the works on a royalty-free basis in accordance with Section 8 of these Rules.

Contest nominations. Requirements for contest works

International contest:

  • Grand Prix (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • Best directing (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • Best cinematography (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • Best script (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • Best Actress (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • Best Actor (statuette, winner’s diploma)

National contest:

  • Best film (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • For the best documentary (statuette, winner's diploma)
  • For the best animated film (statuette, winner's diploma)
  • For the best directing of a live-action film (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • For the best cinematography of a live-action film (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • For the best live-action film script (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • For best actress (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • For best actor (statuette, winner’s diploma)
  • For the best work of the production designer (statuette, winner's diploma)
  • For the best montage (statuette, winner's diploma)
  • For the best sound (statuette, winner's diploma)

Special music video contest of Turkic peoples:

  • Best music video

The main category is the Best music video clip.

  • Best Director in a music video clip

A music video clip with an outstanding creative contribution from the Director. The Director is awarded.

  • Best cinematographer in a music video clip
  • Best music video clip script

A music video clip with an emphasis on the story's originality. The video scriptwriter is awarded.

  • Best artist performance in a music video clip

A music video clip that focuses on the stylization, costumes, makeup of the actors and the overall appearance of the items in the composition; the production designer or designer of the video clip is awarded.

  • Best visual effects in a music video

A music video created using high-quality expensive technical equipment. The video consists of unusual tricks, destroying expensive property, real-time video footage, or using CGI graphics to create a realistic video atmosphere. The visual effects artist is awarded.

  • Best montage in a music video clip

A music video clip consisting of high quality editing, montage, stylistic and visual integrity. The video clip editing Director is awarded.

Requirements for contest works: DCP (preferably and especially for participation in the nominations “Best Sound”, “Best Cinematography”), codec (preferably) H.264, container - MP4, MPEG. The video resolution is preferably 1920 * 1080 (Full HD, 1080p), but no less than 720x576. Sound frequency from 24 kHz and higher. Sound compression in videos: MP3, WAV, AAC.

Titles are required in each work: indicate the surnames and names of all project participants (including the persons involved), as well as the date of publication.

Works of authorship submitted on time, the content of which corresponds to the approved contest nominations, are allowed to participate in the Contest.

The contest work should not contain watermarks or other logos throughout the timeline.

Procedure for organizing and holding of the contest

The contest is held in four stages:

  • Stage One – Preparatory
  • Stage Two - Selection
  • Stage Three- Final
  • Stage Four - Award Ceremony

Applications for the Main Contest are accepted until 00:00 July 1, 2020 on the festival website.

Applications for the National Contest are accepted until 00.00 August 1, 2020 on the festival website.

Applications for the Music Video Contest are accepted until 00:00 August 1, 2020 on the festival website.

Applications submitted after the deadline are not considered and works are not allowed to participate in the Contest.

Procedure for determining the winner of the contest

In order to determine the winners of the Contest, as well as conduct an examination and evaluation of the submitted works, the Festival Organizing Committee creates a contest commission (Contest Jury).

The contest commission (Contest Jury) is formed of Festival initiators, invited experts in the field of film industry, state and public figures, representatives of mass media.

The contest commission (Contest Jury) evaluates each contest work on a 10-point system in accordance with the criteria (see Appendix No. 1)

The contest commission (Contest Jury) has the right to reject the submitted works if they do not meet the requirements of these Rules.

Winners are determined on the basis of the evaluation and examination of the submitted works carried out by the Contest Commission (Contest Jury).

The Contest results will be posted on the Festival Website no later than September 7, 2020.

Winner's reward ceremony

Based on the results of the Contest, no more than one winner in each nomination is determined.

All winners of the Contest are awarded with statuettes, diplomas and valuable prizes from the Festival initiators and partners.

The works included in the Festival shortlist will be recommended for practical use and broadcasting in order to popularize volunteering and charity.

Awarding of the laureates and prize-winners of the Festival is held at the Solemn Ceremony in Almaty.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to:

  • use (reproduction, distribution of copies of the work in any way (including sale), the right to import, translate or process) of contest works for non-commercial purposes and without payment of monetary reward to the author (author's team), but with mandatory indication of the author’s name (co-authors);
  • hold in the territory of Kazakhstan, foreign countries, film companies created on the basis of contest works (electronic catalog, Internet resources);
  • distribute the works in institutions of general and vocational education;
  • reproduce the contest works for the needs of the Festival and for the purposes of its advertising, during socially significant events in Kazakhstan, foreign countries, as well as for broadcast on television and on the Internet;
  • full or partial use of contest works for informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes.

If the contest work is included in the shortlist of the Contest, the author agrees to conclude a License Agreement with the Festival initiator to grant the right to use films on a non-exclusive basis.

Submission of the contest works by the participant for participation in the Contest means the participant's full and unconditional consent to these Rules.

Contest Evaluation Criteria

The nominations “Short feature film (live-action)”, “Short documentary” and “Short animated film” are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • compliance of the work content with the declared direction;
  • drama component: relevance of theme, ideas, plot, composition, conflict, heroes, characters;
  • director's decision;
  • emotional impact (actors play);
  • sound, cinematography, montage;
  • technical implementation (video quality, video montage, complexity of performance);
  • artistic merits (seasoned style, design, completeness of composition);
  • originality of design and performance;
  • semantic completeness of work.

The jury of the competition programme determines the winners in the nominations:

Only one film wins in each category.
Each participant can become the winner of no more than two nominations.

  • Anuar Kenzhibaev

    President of the film festival

  • Daniyar Ibragimov

    General producer

  • Yerzhan Zhumabekov

    Program director

  • Aigerim Ramazanova

    Art Director

  • Gulnar Abekeeva

    Film expert, festival consultant

  • Tatyana Sinenko


  • Aidan Mamaev

    Editor, journalist

  • Botagoz Aldongarova

    Executive producer

  • Dana Abdygulova



History of Baiqonyr

Broadway - the main initiator of the festival