Tattoo Inside<

Tattoo Inside

Немое кино, арт-хаус, 2021

  • Автор

    Ramazi Baranov

  • Оператор

    Dmitry Znamenshchikov

  • Режиссер

    Ramazi Baranov

  • Автор

    Ramazi Baranov

  • Продюсер

    Emilio Campos

  • Звукорежиссер

    Gor Volkov

  • Genre

    Немое кино, арт-хаус

  • Duration


"Tattoo Inside" Russia / República de Cuba, 2021, 12 min. Lo-fi docufiction. Paranoid romantic silent movie. A film about dance, shamanism and personal relationship with God. inspired by skateboarding, baroque music, Rembrandt van Rijn. Shot on iPhone / DSLR / Handycam Cast: Yudelkis Diaz Emilio Campos Polina Lobanova Tima Kurbanov Password: 12 Directed by Ramazi Baranov Photography by Dmitrij Znamenshchikov Sound by Gor Volkov

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